Our committment to responsible gaming

All You Bet recognizes that for a small group of people, gaming may be a problem adversely affecting their personal lives and the lives of those closest to them. What is for the vast majority of participants an enjoyable leisure, social activity can, for a small percentage of the population, become problematic behaviour. Shopping, the consumption of alcohol, eating, and physical exercise are a few examples of similar, otherwise normal activities which can become problematic if abused or used as a mechanism to escape everyday problems. We believe that we have the responsibility as the provider of gaming products to promote responsible gaming and ensure the delivery of gaming services in a socially responsible environment.

Must be 18!

Over 18

In an effort to prevent underage individuals’ access to the gaming products offered by All You Bet, we are registered at www.cybersitter.com, a parental control filtering engine.

All You Bet is committed to responsible gambling and the prevention of underage gambling.

You must be over 18 years of age to play with All You Bet. Any accounts found to have been opened by an underage individual will be immediately disabled and any winnings forfeit. Misrepresenting your age to avoid age restrictions is considered fraud and is a serious offense.

Know your limit

Managing your bankroll responsibly is the best way to enjoy the wagering opportunities available at All You Bet while not getting in over your head. To help our players keep track of their bankrolls we offer them the options of setting spending limits, opting-out of certain wagering products (i.e. Casino, Poker Room), or even blocking themselves entirely from all wagering at All You Bet. For more information on how we can help you manage your bankroll you can email us.

How to set your personal spending limit:

You can request a maximum limit per day, week or month, plus a maximum number of transactions per day, week or month. If you would like us to set a personal limit for you, please contact us by email and let us know your maximum spending amount and the time frame for which this should be applied. We will then set this limit for you with immediate effect.


If you are unsure about whether or not you have a gambling problem and would like to test yourself, there is a self-assessment test available here.

Help is just one click away

If you do feel you have a gambling problem and would like to seek help, we recommend the following organizations:
Gamblers Anonymous

Working Together

For any questions regarding our responsible gambling policies and practices feel free to contact us.

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